Statement of Theoretical Causative Factor: Attacks on Cuba Diplomats of United States of America and Canada

Sonic Vest Company, hereby, publicly declares its theory of the causative factor with regard to the injury sustained by Cuba diplomats of the United States of America and Canada. As a matter of physics, the theoretical causative factor is an electromechanically weaponized, brain injurious variant of the natural, sonically-initiated, neurologically impairing phenomenon first mentioned in the historical record at 2 Chronicles 5: 12-14, which for research purposes, Sonic Vest Company dubs “2CHR5” but taxonomically refers to it as “ an auditory cloud.”

Sonic Vest Company, will develop a universal countermeasure against the sonic weapon initiators of the weaponized variant of the “auditory cloud” deployed against the diplomats of the United States of American and Canada that will render such weapons inert and useless in the interest of the preservation of the neurological wellbeing of all the world’s people.

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