“Homo divinus”

Introduction (2018/11/05):

Mired in mindset and temporal reality of classical physics, humanization is the evolutionary apex. In quantum mechanics, entangled quarks could transform the human genome to a new species through divinization with the “benign auditory cloud” an evolutionary catalyst. Throughout diverse cultures, historical accounts exist of individuals born Homo sapiens but transformed into Homo divinus capable of macroscopic manipulation of energy, gravity and matter. Elijah (Elias), Krishna, and Jesus Christ are representative of such transformation. CRISPR mating pair, species Homo divinus will be born in China within a decade. As Homo neaderthalensis was displaced by Homo sapiens, Homo sapiens will be displaced by Homo divinus. The Earth as biosphere will survive global climate change populated by the adaptable species, Homo divinus. Homo sapiens, led by their elected, climate change deniers will fail to intervene in time to stop catastrophic, irreversible, atmospheric, meteorologic, and oceanic phenomena that will extinct their own homicidal, Homo sapiens species.

This page will chronologize the scientific and political events antecedent to the birth of the first CRISPR, mating pair of species Homo divinus.

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