Development BLOG for “Civil Rico,” Hybridized AI, Expert System, Chat Bot-Web Spider

“Deterrence though Detection:”

Development microblog for @CivilRico is on Twitter. Designer’s vision for “Civil Rico” is a hybridized, AI, expert system, ALICE, chat bot-web spider, that is publicly queryable with natural language syntax about current USA Civil RICO law, and it continuously crawls the Web looking for actionable RICOs, then, it privately shares its “finds” with Civil RICO litigators in the USA. Until its beta test, when it will be SSL/TLS certified, Civil Rico’s URL,, redirects to this page.

“Auditory Cloud” Preliminary Definition

Theoretically, an amalgamation of delocalized resonance electron clouds in an elastic lattice generated by vibratory microtubules in the neuronal cytoskeleton following entrainment of neural oscillations by patterned audible sound. Although initated by Newtonian patterned sound, the “auditory cloud” is a quantum mechanical field of the human brain that could induce transient, auditory, tactile and visual hallucinations either benign or malignant dependent primarily on the timbre of the sonic initiator. It is hypothesized that when initiated solely by patterned electromechanical sound as by a sonic weapon, the “auditory cloud” enters a hyperexcitable state, disrupting steady state electron-phonon dynamics in the lattice with disinclinations and dislocations in lattice topology, resulting macroscopically in neurological impairment by an unknown pathological mechanism.